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Civil courts have jurisdiction over disputes involving money, title or possession of real property, and special cases such as change of name and injunctions.

The non-judicial support for civil courts consists of Court Clerks, Calendar Clerks, Research Attorneys, and Court Reporters.

Some parties may be required to participate in mediation or arbitration. In some cases, the fee for these services is paid by the parties at a reduced rate from an available mediator/arbitrator on the court's lists of providers.

San Joaquin County Superior Court is pleased to announce that beginning Tuesday, May 26, 2009 the court's voluntary Civil Mediation Program will be available to litigants. Read more about this important and valuable option for resolution of litigation.

Other mediation services are available by contacting the San Joaquin County Mediation Center by calling (209) 474-8794


With the unification of the Municipal and Superior courts, the unified court has jurisdiction over all civil and small claims cases.

    Small Claims

  • When the amount you are seeking is $5,000 or less, then you may file your claim in Small Claims. (Attorneys are not allowed to represent you in Small Claims; you must present your own case).

    Limited Jurisdiction Civil

  • The claims that you used to file in Municipal Court are now referred to as Limited Jurisdiction Civil at Superior Court. The amount you are claiming cannot be for more than $25,000.

    General Civil

  • The claims that you used to file in Superior Court are now referred to as General Civil at Superior Court. Generally they are cases where the amount you are claiming is more than $25,000, but can be for smaller amounts in certain types of cases.

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