August 16, 2001

The Presiding Judge of the Superior Court
County of San Joaquin
222 East Weber Avenue, Room 303
Stockton, CA 95202

RE:Response to Final Report on Case #1100,

San Joaquin County Housing Authority


  The Board of Commissioners of the County of San Joaquin Housing Authority has carefully reviewed your report on the above-referenced case. Per your request, we are hereby submitting the following response:

  1. The respondent understands and will accept the findings and conclusions stated in the grand jury report case #1100: San Joaquin County Housing Authority.
  2. It has been the practice of the Housing Authority that, whenever there is a perceived appearance of a conflict of interest or a credible allegation of a conflict of interest, steps are taken to remove such person or persons from the selection process. We shall continue our practice to exclude any individual(s), for which we have notice who may be, or are perceived by the public, to have a conflict of interest from the review, evaluation and/or audit selection process.

  In addition, Section 407 of our current procurement policy addresses the treatment of conflict of interest situations. We intend to continue to abide by its provisions, which we believe are consistent with the recommendations made by the Civil Grand Jury. A copy of the relevant section of the procurement policy is attached for your convenience.

  If you have any questions or need additional information regarding the above, please do not hesitate to call us directly at 460-5040.

Shelly Wilson,Antonio V. Pizano
ChairpersonExecutive Director