CASE #0500: Deputy Sheriffs’ Overtime



This case was brought to the attention of the 2000-2001 San Joaquin County Civil Grand Jury, as a follow up from the 1998-1999 Civil Grand Jury, Final Report, Case #0998.


After preliminary review by the 2000-2001 Civil Grand Jury, it was decided that further investigation was needed.


The 2000-2001 Civil Grand Jury obtained a copy of the 1998-1999 Civil Grand Jury's Final Report. After review of Case #0998, it was noted that the Sheriff had sent a response dated April 26, 1999, and agreed with all three of the recommendations:

Recommendation #1: Duty Sergeants should be trained so that all work-schedules are completely filled in.

Recommendation #2: Complete work-schedules should be faxed from each facility to a central location in the Sheriffs Department for review by the lieutenant on duty.

Recommendation #3: Work schedules should be computerized and made available to all supervisory and other appropriate Sheriff’s Department personnel at workstations connected by a local area network (LAN) or on personal computers by modem.

An appointment was made with the Sheriff to verify that these recommendations have been implemented into the Sheriff's Department policies.

The Sheriff noted, at the time of the 1998-1999 Civil Grand Jury visit, the department was short forty positions. Currently, the Department is short only eight positions. This makes for less overtime being necessary. Sheriff Dunn stated that he is aware of problems that may be caused by excessive overtime. The Sheriff reviewed the policies of the department with members of the 2000-2001 Civil Grand Jury.


Recommendation #1: Training has been provided to all Sergeants to insure that complete duty rosters and work schedules are uniform and accurate. Training is an on going procedure within the Department.

Recommendation #2: The Captain in charge of Custody reviews all daily rosters to insure policy enforcement and compliance.

Recommendation #3: Due to lack of funding, this recommendation has yet to be implemented. The Sheriff reported that funds have now been allocated and this recommendation should be completed by spring of 2001.

As to recommendations #1 & #2, a copy of the Sheriff’s updated policy and procedures, dated August 1, 2000, was forwarded to the 2000-2001 Civil Grand Jury.


It is recommended the Sheriff notify the Civil Grand Jury in writing upon completion of the third recommendation.


Pursuant to Sections 933.05 of the Penal Code:

The Sheriff of San Joaquin County shall comment, in writing, to the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court - within (90) days of the publication of this report.

As to each finding in the report, a response indicating one of the following:

a. The respondent agrees with the finding of #3.

b. The respondent disagrees with the finding, with an explanation of the reasons therefore.

As to each recommendation, a response indicating one of the following:

a. The recommendation has been implemented, with a summary of the action taken.

b. The recommendation has not yet been implemented, but will be with a timeframe for implementation.

c. The recommendation requires further analysis, with an explanation of the scope of the analysis and a timeframe not to exceed 6 months.

d. The recommendation will not be implemented, with an explanation therefor.