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Juvenile Drug Court - KADAP

In recognition of the problem that substance abuse plays in the lives of minors, the Juvenile Court began a Drug Court program patterned after the successful program in adult Drug Court, but specifically designed for the needs of minors. KADAP, or Kid's Alcohol Drug Alternative Program, is the treatment component of the Juvenile Drug Court and provides punishment and treatment alternatives to incarceration or a residential program.

KADAP is a comprehensive client centered out-patient program utilizing the combined resources and expertise of the Juvenile Probation Department, Office of Substance Abuse, Office of Education, Pacific Complementary Medicine Center, and the Juvenile Court. KADAP provides the Juvenile Drug Court with a treatment component and a viable and meaningful alternative to detention through intensive probation supervision of juvenile substance abuse offenders, intensive substance abuse counseling in a controlled setting, and reinforced remedial education. The primary focus of KADAP is treatment and recovery, accountability, and responsibility to others.

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