In the past decade, Stockton and the nearby communities of Tracy, Manteca, and Lodi have experienced significant and rapid population increases, largely due to people relocating to the area from the San Francisco Bay Area. The county is projected to have 1.7 million residents by 2050, a 201 percent increase from 2000. The court currently shares a building in downtown Stockton with the county. The existing facility in Stockton, constructed in 1963, lacks adequate security, is overcrowded, and is in very poor physical condition.

The new courthouse will have space for 30 courtrooms and be located in downtown Stockton. The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) and the court are currently in the process of acquiring a site for the project. The preferred site is Hunter Square, which is adjacent to the current Courthouse/Administration Building. The space recommendations for the proposed project, which has been created in collaboration with the court, outline a need for approximately 325,000 square feet.

If all goes as planned, our community will have a new courthouse in downtown Stockton by 2013.

To learn more about this project please read our Master Plan and visit the California Courts--Office of Court Construction Management website at At this site, you can view a video about the project and read and comment on the draft Environmental Impact Report released on January 23, 2009.

Read Presiding Judge William J. Murray's letter to the Stockton Record's Opinion Page Editor regarding the New Stockton Courthouse.