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"3 Members of San Joaquin Bench Appointed to State Committees"

California Chief Justice Ronald M. George has appointed 3 San Joaquin County judicial officers to State Judicial Council advisory committees.

The Judicial Council, established by the State Constitution, establishes policies and sets priorities for the judicial branch of government. Advisory committee members provide analyses and recommendations to the council on topics affecting the administration of justice.

"These are significant appointments that recognize the knowledge and abilities of our judicial officers," according to San Joaquin Superior Court Presiding Judge Terrence VanOss. "We are pleased our bench officers' talents have been recognized in this way. The active participation of our judicial officers on these statewide committees also means that our local interests will be well-represented with the Judicial Council."

Honorable William J. Murray, Jr.:

Appointed to the Judicial Council Criminal Law Advisory Committee.

The Criminal Law Advisory Committee makes recommendations for improving the administration of justice in criminal proceedings. The committee identifies issues and concerns affecting court administration, proposes necessary changes to rules, standards, and forms, reviews and recommends legislation, recommends pilot projects to evaluate new procedures or practices, and acts on assignments referred to it by the Judicial Council.

Honorable George J. Abdallah, Jr.:

Appointed Vice-Chair of the Governing Committee of the Center for Judicial Education and Research. The Committee develops and maintains a comprehensive and quality education program on behalf of the Judicial Council.

Judge Abdallah will also assume duties as Presiding Judge of the San Joaquin Superior Court in January, 2002.

Commissioner Barbara Kronlund

Appointed to the Access and Fairness Advisory Committee; she will serve as vice-chair. The committee makes recommendations for improving access to the judicial system and fairness in the State courts.