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Date: 12/17/2001Voice: (209) 468-8120
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"2002 Judicial Calendar Assignments"

Incoming Presiding Judge George Abdallah has announced the new calendar assignments for the coming year for the San Joaquin County Superior Court.

"We want to make the very best use of everyone's talents, abilities, and education, which the new assignments reflect," according to Judge Abdallah. "These adjustments were also based on each judge's expressed interests in certain areas of the law."

The changes take effect January 14, 2002. The Honorable George Abdallah assumes his duties as Presiding Judge on that date as well. The Presiding Judge is elected by the bench every two years. The Honorable Bob W. McNatt will serve as Assistant Presiding Judge for 2002-2003.

Judge Abdallah said administrators are currently investigating direct calendaring for the criminal courts. Therefore, there may be additional changes in assignments in the future.

Department 11 Bob W. McNatt
Department 12 John Parker
Department 13 K. Peter Saiers
Department 14 William J. Murray, Jr.
Department 15 Anthony Lucaccini
Department 16 Terrence Van Oss
Department 17 Cinda Fox
Department 21 Rolleen McIlwrath
Department 22 Thomas B. Teaford, Jr.
Department 23 Bernard Garber
Department 24 Richard Mallett
Department 25 James Hammerstone
Department 26 Richard Guiliani
Department 31 Michael N. Garrigan
Department 32 Robin Appel
Department 33 Thomas Harrington
Department 34 F. Clark Sueyres
Department 35 George Abdallah
Department 36 Stephen G. Demetras
Department 41 Michael E. Platt
Department 42 Carter P. Holly
Juvenile 1 Richard A. Vlavianos
Juvenile 2 Jack Fraser
Lodi 1 Robert Baysinger
Lodi 2 David P. Warner
Manteca 1 Lesley D. Holland
Manteca 2 Sandra Butler Smith (Assigned Judge)
Tracy 1 James Cadle
Tracy 2 Barbara Kronlund